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The Story of Colorisi

Colorisi is an innovative makeup-skincare line, certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA.

The brand links beauty with well-being by using high quality active ingredients offered in elegant, refillable packaging that reflects luxury in its simplicity. Style and durability are not enough for them !

They are very concerned about single use packaging filling the waste stream. The next time you buy cosmetics, write down how much overwrap you use for each product: plastic inside and out, cardboard - and containers that are neither recyclable nor biodegradable.

Over time, a partnership has emerged for North America, Vincent Honnart (founder of Colorisi) and Ghyslain Chabot (co-founder of the Tonic-Aveda salon) meet in Italy in 2011… The eco-organic makeup line -natural BO-HO arrives in Canada.

At the same time, Nathalie Turcotte & Francis Garcia (founders of Novoderm) and Ghyslain collaborating on projects, decide to join forces to develop Colorisi in North America. In the era of the #metoo movement, the 3 families with daughters and young women, decide to place at the heart of Colorisi North America's development, causes that affect women as well as the brand's artists and influential spokespersons. ..

COLORISI, vegan & involved in women's causes.


COLORISI, végane & impliquée pour les causes féminines.


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